YouTuber Takes Nintendo Switch OLED for Screen Burn Test – Leaves the original image open for 1,800 hours at maximum brightness.

While the Nintendo Switch OLED model has been in the market for about three or four months now, the upgrade from LCD to OLED has raised some people’s concerns about the potential for “burn-in,” also known as “burn-in.” Out of curiosity, a YouTuber took a Nintendo Switch OLED model for a brutal test. by keeping the original image open at maximum brightness for more than 1,800 hours

Open the original image with full brightness adjustment

WULFF DEN, the YouTube channel owner with over 600,000 followers, tested it by opening a screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and activating the auto-press function on the controller so it doesn’t turn off the screen.

After more than 1,800 hours, WULFF DEN compared the Nintendo Switch OLED model to another that had barely used the screen before. not even a little Open the picture frame-by-frame comparison, did not notice any irregularities.

No screen burn problem even after 1,800 hours

Both Nintendo Switch OLED Medel monitors There is a slight difference in the white tones that are not the same. There are two possibilities: the diode deteriorates with age. or the color of the screen is not the same from the beginning (This is common with screen production lines), but for whatever reason. This test suggests that OLED panels may be more durable than many people think. Not so easily burned in, which in actual use, no one would open the same image and hold it at the highest brightness all the time.

WULFF DEN appears to be very satisfied with the results. But referred to continue to test with curiosity that Finally, when will the screen of the Nintendo Switch OLED Model appear?

Image courtesy of BassyDave.

However, when choosing a Nintendo Switch OLED model, there is one more point to consider, which is the “green screen” issue, which is a common hardware issue. The difference is more or less. This can be seen when dimmed to a low level. Ready to open images in black or gray tones If you are lucky, it does not affect normal use.

Source: WULFF DEN from Nintendo Life.