YouTube announces it will stop using hidden subscriptions feature in channels to fix fake channels or spam accounts

This is another major update to YouTube’s policies. After the last time the dislike button was removed, Google recently announced that it will no longer allow YouTube channels to hide their subscriptions. Previously allowed to turn on the setting not to show to the public which will be closed from 29 July 2022 onwards

Google argues that it wants to solve the problem of YouTube channels or spam accounts that take advantage of subscriber hijacking to pretend to be a big channel. through the use of other people’s names or logos including re-uploading clips to make money

As usual, having the number of subscriptions to be seen is useful to viewers by helping them to know which channel is real or fake through numbers. Plus, YouTube also benefits from viewers as an organic verification tool. all the time, making it easy for YouTube to follow and edit

YouTube is also adding new rules. Special characters are no longer used in channel names. This is to prevent pseudo-character-like characters with other channel names to deceive users, such as “¥ouⓉube” Disguised as the word YouTube etc. Currently, there are quite a lot of channels that try to use this technique.

YouTube also announced that it will be more rigorous in its handling of comment spam. It will add a feature called “increase strictness” For all creators, use it to filter comments in your channel. You can choose to turn it on or off. But it will force it to open first from the default.
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Source: TechCrunch