Your Amazfit watch does not connect to the app and does not synchronize the data? This is the solution

amazfit watch does not sync data with the application solution

Amazfit watches are very good options for those who are looking for a smartwatch of whatever type. Their catalog is immense and does not stop growing, without going any further they are going to launch their new Amazfit Ares, but that is not what brings us here: we have had problems with syncing a Pace to the app.

It does not synchronize the data (steps, sleep, daily activity) and, although it is quite easy to fix it, you may not hit the key at first. Here we tell you everything. 😉

How to connect your Amazfit smartwatch to the application if it does not synchronize the data

The most curious thing we have noticed is that the watch is capable of synchronize sports activities (and transfer them to Strava for example) but not daily steps or sleep data. We do not know the reason why this happens but everything indicates that the latest version of the Amazfit app is the problem.

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This has happened to us with a Amazfit Pace and, according to what we have been able to investigate, it seems that it is the only affected smartwatch. Even so, it may happen to you with the Stratos 2 or with others … The solutions that we are going to teach you are universal:

Unpair the watch and add it again

  • Just go to the Amazfit application and the section “Profile”. Press on your watch (in my case Amazfit Pace) – «More» – «Unpair». You will not lose any data beyond what was not synchronized.
  • The watch will be unpaired and factory reset. When you get the QR code you can add it again from the Amazfit application and, in principle, everything will be fine. This method is the one that has worked for us.

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Install an older APK of Amazfit

  • If the above has not worked for you, you can resort to install an older version of the application. Go to this APKMirror link and try some older ones, if you remember the date you had working better.
  • Download and install the APK, put your Amazfit account and try your luck. The new update may have a problem and this is the simplest solution. You do not need to pair the watch again, it is already paired to your account.

These are the only two options we can think of. We don’t think you need anything else but you can always tell us what’s wrong with you in the comments section and we will try to help you. Have you managed to synchronize all the data?