You can now activate Movistar + Lite for free! This is how it is done step by step

movistar lite free

Movistar + Lite is the television streaming service and content on demand that Movistar offers for those who are or are not clients of the company, as it does not imply permanence and you can cancel whenever you want. Come on, it’s like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. In this case, Movistar + Lite is worth 8 euros per month and has a very interesting content offer with its own comedy shows such as Late Motiv and La Resistencia, as well as sports and original series such as Antidisturbios, Hierro, El embarcadero, among others.

Something that many do not know, since it was recently announced, is that if you are already a Movistar customer and have one of their mobile-only rates (which does not include TV or fiber) with unlimited data, you can activate Movistar + Lite completely free. In fact, if you already pay for this subscription, you can save the 8 euros it is worth per month by activating the service for free with your unlimited data rate. Do you want to know how to do it? We will explain you step by step right away.

Steps to activate Movistar + Lite for free

steps to subscribe to movistar plus lite for free

First of all, let’s clarify that only Movistar customers with rates Contract 20 Plus, Tariff # 25, Tariff # 15 and Infinite Contract You can activate Movistar + Lite for free with the steps that we will show below. Do you meet this requirement? Then subscribe for free to Movistar + Lite in this way:

  • If you already pay for Movistar + Lite, then unsubscribe so that they do not continue to charge you.
  • To sign up for free, you will need a code that Movistar has sent by SMS to customers with these rates.
    • If you have not received the code, please request it calling 223535 from the mobile contract number with unlimited data rate.
    • If you have already received the code, but you have deleted or lost it, request it again by calling 223535.
    • In case you are a new customer, the code it may take 72 hours to reach your phone from the moment you sign up for the mobile contract.
  • Do you already have the code? Click this link to enter the Movistar + Lite website and redeem it by pressing the button that says Redeem your code here.
  • Now, fill in the form that you will see on the screen with your data to create your account.
    • If you already had Movistar + Lite and you unsubscribed to activate the free service, you will have to wait until day 1 of next month to keep the same username / email. If you don’t want to wait that long, just use another email and username when signing up.
  • Then, you will reach the Purchase summary section where you must apply the code that Movistar sent you by SMS.
  • Below, you will have to enter your payment information (credit or debit card), although they will charge you absolutely nothing. It is in case at any time you want to buy additional rental content on the platform.
  • Ready! Accept the terms of service and click on Finalize.

Now you can access Movistar + Lite content for free from the device of your choice. If you had any problem with the activation, we recommend calling Movistar support using the free number 1004. What we do not recommend is using your Movistar email.

Watch Movistar + Lite for free on all your devices

movistar lite free on all devices

Remember that you can enjoy the service from your PC by entering the Movistar + Lite web platform or from your mobile with its applications for Android and iOS. It also has apps for Smart TVs and consoles, so look for it on your TV.

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