Yahoo login- Yahoo is the most renowned mail service provider. Due to the amazing features provided by Yahoo, it attracts millions of users. Yahoo is the oldest network among various web services. it has very user-friendly features. It provides you with the storage space of 1 TB which will help you to send, receive, any number of attachments. It is one of the most popular email service providers for the past many years.
Yahoo mail allows you to communicate with anyone throughout the globe for free.


Salient Features of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is having many amazing salient features that help the user to make the best use of yahoo mail. Here we have a few features of yahoo mail.

Themes: yahoo mail has been loaded with some most amazing and attractive themes.
Some contacts can be stored in the yahoo itself. You can save your contacts in the yahoo mail and can have access to them at any time.

  • The unwanted yahoo mail data can be saved for 90 days in yahoo mail and it has the feature to automatically delete the unwanted mails after 90 days.
  • Yahoo is always updating its features to make it more users friendly.
    Yahoo provides amazing services to the users.
  • It has introduced a yahoo mail mobile application and had made it very easy for the user to access their mail-in mobile.
  • You can easily use yahoo with its easy interface.
  • It doesn’t require any complicated process to use yahoo mail.

How to Create a Yahoo Account?

In today’s digital world having an email address is very important. It is a basic necessity of a digital world. Now you can create your yahoo account or Yahoo sign up by following the below-given steps:

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Step 1: go to the yahoo official website and click on sign up to get a yahoo sign up.
Step 2: now you will be asked to fill your details like username, email id, password, and also some basic information about yourself.
Step 3: After filling the form click on continue.
Step 4: now you will be taken to the verification page which will ask you whether you want the verification code to texted to you or emailed.
Step 5: click on any of the above options and enter the code you would have received and click on submit.
Step 6: it is also possible for you to use the yahoo messenger to send the messages throughout the globe.

How to Sign in Yahoo Mail?

You have created a yahoo account for yourself. Now it’s the time for you to yahoo sign in. you must be feeling very excited to use the yahoo mail id and use all its features. Follow the below-given steps and get a Yahoo sign in.

Step 1: go to the Yahoo official site.
Step 2: Click on sign in and enter your email address and password and click on sign in.
Step 3: now you will be able to access your yahoo mail and all the features.
Your yahoo account can be signed in from anywhere like desktop, laptop, Smartphone, any Android or iOS device. You can also use the mobile application. The sign in the can is done anywhere by just using the mail address and password.

How to Protect Yahoo Account From Being Hacked?

Hacking is becoming very advanced and common nowadays. There are many new hacking techniques in the market. Even your yahoo mail account can be hacked by any hacker. Below you will find the ways of protecting your yahoo account from hackers.

Set a very strong password consisting of letters, numbers and also some special characters.

Set up a two-step authentication protection on your yahoo. You can do this with either your mobile application or a text verification process.

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Be careful from scam mails which will ask you data and also your information. These emails may look like regular emails from banks or any other places from which you can receive emails. Primarily check whether the mail is from a scam or it’s an original mail.

How to Change a Password in Yahoo Mail?

Are you interested in changing the password of your yahoo mail? Here you will get to know the process to change the password of your yahoo mail. You can change the password on your desktop as well as the mobile application. It is also possible to reset the password which you have forgotten. Below we have a few methods by which you can change the password in yahoo mail.

Method 1: resetting a forgotten password on the desktop

Step 1: Open the yahoo mail login page: go to the login page of yahoo on your desktops browser and the login page of yahoo will appear.
Step 2: click on the difficulty of signing in. by clicking here you will go to the account recovery page.
Step 3: enter your yahoo account phone number: this is the same mobile number that you had used to sign in to your yahoo account.
You can also enter a recovery mail address for yahoo.
Step 4: Click on continue (it is a blue button below the text box).
Step 5: Click on yes text me an account key. Yahoo will now send the code to your registered mobile number.
Step 6: retrieve the account key: open the message from yahoo in your message application. Now you will be able to review the 8 character code in the text message body.
Step 7: enter the account key: type the account key in the text box present in the middle of the verify page.
Step 8: click verify. If the code matches the code you got in a message then you will be taken to the account selection page.
Step 9: Select your account: click on the account for which you want to change the password.
Step 10: Click on create a new password.
Step 11: Now enter your new password twice.

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Method 2: Changing a Password on a Desktop

Step 12: Click on continue.
Step 13: click on looks good and you will be taken to the yahoo inbox page.
Step 1: open yahoo mail on your desktop browser.
Step 2: click on your name tab.
Step 3: click on the account info. By clicking here you will open the account page.
Step 4: Click on account security.
Step 5: now re-enter your login details like email address and password and click on sign in.
Step 6: click on the change password link.
Step 7: now you will have to enter your new password twice.
Step 8: Click on continue.
Step 9: click on looks good. After this your attempt to change the password was successful.

Method 3: Changing a Password on Mobile

Step 1: Open the yahoo mail on your mobile phone.
Step 2: Tap on the top left corner of your mobile phone near the search bar to open the options.
Step 3: tap on manage accounts.
Step 4: find the name of the account for which you want to change the password.
Step 5: tap on account information.
Step 6: Now tap on security settings.
Step 7: enter the passcode of your mobile phone.
Step 8: tap on change password.
Step 9: tap on I would rather change my password. This will allow you to change the password.
Step 10: tap on creating a new password.
Step 11: tap on continuing.

Yahoo mail is one of the most popular web services of all time. You can send and receive emails from throughout the globe for free. It has very easy access and the process of the sign-in is very easy, unlike other mail service providers. You can use yahoo for a much different reason, for example, to even save the contacts. I hope you are satisfied with the information provided about yahoo mail.


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