XProfile does not tell you who has seen your profile, it scams you

XProfile Instagram app

XProfile promises to show you who has viewed your Instagram profile and has more than 5 million downloads. With this number of users, you will be able to find a large number of reviews. The problem is that many are negative. Most users agree that the XProfile app is nothing more than a scam.

It is in the Play Store for Android and in the App Store for iPhone. It promises you a free period that does not exist and from the moment you enter you must pay to access the important functions. Here is the first drawback: to realize that this application does not deliver what it promises, it first takes your money.

XProfile app captures

What do user reviews say?

We have encountered harsh and dissatisfied opinions, we will make a summary with the most recurrent ones to give you an idea:

  • Many agree that this application uses your bank account to keep charging for features you’ve already paid for.
  • Support team is down, several users have tried to contact to complain and do not receive any response.
  • As for the service he promises, it is a lie. Some users mention having entered to see their own profile from other accounts and such visits were never recorded.
  • Others claim that, after they have removed the XProfile application from their mobile devices, Instagram stopped working properly.
  • Many of its functions, those that do work, can be found within Instagram itself. So it is unnecessary to pay for them.
  • And to top it off the app is slow and full of ads, even if you have paid for a Premium service.

Taking into account the previous opinions we can assure you that, the XProfile application, it’s just another scam that doesn’t really tell you who has seen your profile on Instagram.

In addition, it requires you to pay for a service that it does not comply with. So don’t waste your time and money downloading this app. Leave your comments and let us know if the article was useful to you. We have tried it before seeing the comments and we quickly realized what a great scam it was. Don’t be fooled!