Xiaomi unveils Pilot Technology, an autonomous vehicle technology Aims to be an EV leader by 2024

In July, it was reported that Xiaomi was preparing to unveil an electric car at the end of August. Xiaomi Pilot Technology Currently, the camp is researching and developing with a huge investment of more than 500 million dollars ever.

Xiaomi Pilot Technology

On August 11, 2022, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun revealed the progress in the development of the self-driving vehicle system, Xiaomi Pilot Technology, starting from May 2021, with a total investment of more than 500 million. dollars for the research and development of such technology in the first phase, with the camp’s R&D team of more than 500 experts to jointly invent and develop Xiaomi’s own electric vehicle, and alsoIt is expected to grow more in the future and may reach 600 members by the end of this year.

Xiaomi Pilot Technology is considered an important step for the company in the development of cars. EV withAutonomous vehicle technology of the era, Lei Jun aims to become a leader in the intelligent EV industry by 2024. He also published a video of self-testing the technology on the roads of China. This demonstrates the potential of the team that has developed an algorithm in real-world situations.

Lei Jun also said “Our automated driving technology takes a self-developed approach. And the project has progressed beyond expectations.”

Xiaomi also presented a video of a safe self-driving car. It can also drive legally, such as turning corners. roundabout driving or stopping the vehicle at a crosswalk for pedestrians safely and the development of automated parking solutions that will be made in the future as well such as automatic EV battery charging systems, parking space reservations or automatic parking, Xiaomi has also developed directly with 10 autonomous driving solutions companies

It is expected that in the future it is planning to build 140 test cars. As I said, Xiaomi aims to become a leader in self-driving cars and the EV industry by 2024, which is only about 2 years left … Let’s wait and see if Xiaomi will be able to achieve its goal or not.

source: Gizmochina