Xiaomi unveils CyberOne, a humanoid robot that walks on two legs, can lift objects and can detect human emotions

In this period called Xiaomi, he really intends to become one of the leaders in technology because there are always new innovations developed. As before, there was news that it was developing electric cars. Recently, Xiaomi has also launched Another breakthrough innovation, that is. CyberOne Which is a robot that looks like a human, also known as a Humanoid robot, can move like us, including walking on two legs, moving various organs, and also has the ingenuity to learn more … if you want to know What’s so special about it? Let’s see.

CyberDog, the first robot dog Before developing into a humanoid CyberOne

In 2021, Xiaomi introduced the most advanced four-legged robot dog CyberDog. There are touch sensors, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, GPS, etc., allowing it to analyze the environment around you to avoid obstacles or follow the target accurately.

But looking at the gesture, Xiaomi will have the purpose of creating a robot that has changed. In order for robots to be more than that, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said he wants to connect people and things to new things. More than just IoT and AIoT devices, he said. “We believe that in the future, intelligent robots will definitely come into people’s lives.” So the project CyberOne came out, sure enough.

CyberOne, an intelligent humanoid robot

Xiaomi’s executives said that CyberOne’s cutting edge robotics all come from the Xiaomi Robotics Lab, which is the developer and inventor.software, hardware and countless other algorithms development work for you to CyberOne can talk, hold and recognize voices. characteristics of human emotions It is considered another success in the development of robots of the future to advance to another level.

CyberOne has human-like movements of both arms and legs. It can balance the body on its own. It can move in different directions, has a command response rate of 0.5ms, allowing it to move and move like a real human. For physical data, CyberOne is 177 cm tall and weighs only 52 kg. The CyberOne joints weigh only 500g each, but are powerful enough to do just about anything, with each arm capable of lifting 1.5kg.

CyberOne has a 3D theodolite and can listen to With 85 environmental sounds recognition, 45 different human emotions, Xaiomi says it can detect whether humans are happy or not.I’m sad It will come to console users as well. It can also learn more new skills every day.

Perhaps in the future, a robot might actually become our friend. He may come to comfort us and share our happy and sad moments. when we have no one left or to be taken as an employee as an assistant in various fields as well

But someone is definitely thinking about why we need a robot. Will it come to take over people’s work or not, and what many people fear is that in the future, how much more consciousness it will develop or become Skynet or Ultron … Personally, I think it depends on the purpose of use. more than And before the AI ​​system has feelings and thoughts that may become a threat to humans like in the movie It is expected that it will take a very long time.

We will take you to see the cuteness of CyberOne robots at the final launch event.