Windows Vista is no longer compatible with Teamviewer

The Teamviewer remote control software is the best known and most used for remote maintenance. A very simple and free tool for an occasional and personal user, paying for companies and users who are often connected to it. We can’t get much simpler to remotely take control of a smartphone or a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux). However, like any software, versions evolve and older operating systems are no longer compatible. This is the case with Windows Vista which can no longer benefit from TV updates since the end of 2019.

Latest version supported by Windows Vista : TeamViewer 14. Problem, if the remote computer is in Teamviewer 15 or higher, the Vista PC will not be able to connect to it since the same version is required on both sides.

Windows Vista is compatible with Teamviewer 4 to 14.2, just like XP. Teamviewer adds: “We no longer offer support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 systems” OS that have not been supported for several years by Microsoft.

No need to download TeamViewer 15 on Vista because it will be useless. Worse, when you use version 14 for example (the latest compatible) and you want to connect to a remote station running TV15, Vista’s TV14 will offer to update .. which will not work never !

There is no solution to install TeamViewer 15 on Windows Vista. Unless you upgrade the operating system to Windows 7 or to keep all the computers in Teamviewer 14. Oh yes, Teamviewer updates itself to TV 15 on Windows 7 and 10. Without asking the user anything. So we quickly find ourselves stuck. And frequent users of the remote maintenance software know that the company sometimes blocks the use of old versions. A warning message appears when connecting to a remote host, with no other solution than to force the update.