Windows Server System Installation Guide

Do you know how to install Windows 10? So don’t be afraid theWindows Server 2016 installation is identical. Even if the server functions are very different from the office version, you will see that the installation process is similar. We find the same interfaces so here is a complete procedure for iInstall your Windows Server 2016 on a physical machine or in a virtual server.

The different editions of Windows Server 2016

Before embarking on an installation I recommend that you read the details of the different editions that exist.

Windows Server 2016 exists in different editions, there is the Essential, Standard and Datacenter version. The most important version is Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, in particular, it allows administrators to run an unlimited number of virtual servers with the Hyper V hypervisor. It should also be noted that this version also includes features such as Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica, or Shielded virtual machines.

Standard version authorizes the creation of 2 virtual machines, they are offered with your Windows Server license.

Finally the so-called ‘entry-level’ version Windows Server Essentials suitable for small structures with no more than 25 users and 50 devices. You can find technical documentation from Microsoft directly here:

Below you will find a comparison of the two main versions.

Windows Server Core FeatureYesYes
Number of VMs possibleunlimited2
Windows Server containersunlimitedunlimited
Host Guardian ServiceYesYes
Installation in Nano Core (without graphical interface)YesYes
Storage features, including Storage Spaces Direct and Replica StorageYesno
Secure virtual machinesYesno
Software Defined Networking InfrastructureYesno

You will find a complete comparison on Microsoft’s official documentation.

What are the installation options

There are 3 options when installing Windows Server 2016

  • Core Server: this option reduces the number of space required, the system resources are also lower.
  • Server with User Experience: Installation of the server with the Windows interface and all the functionalities like Powershell, this version also allows to add other functionalities specific to the servers.
  • Nano Server: It is a remotely manageable operating system optimized for private clouds and data centers. It is similar to Windows Server in primary server mode, but has less functionality. For example, it is not possible to connect locally and only supports 64-bit applications. Compared to other options, it takes up much less disk space, is faster to install, and has fewer updates and restarts. Everything is done from the command line.

Minimum hardware prerequisites

Obviously you cannot install a Windows Server on just any machine. Microsoft provides prerequisites to follow to benefit from better performance.


  • 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
  • 64-bit compatible
  • NX and DEP supports
  • Supports CMPXCHG16b, LAHF / SAHF, and PrefetchW
  • Supports Second Level Address Translation (EPT or NPT)


  • 512 MB for core versions (2 GB for a server with the “User Experience” option)
  • ECC type memory for automatic correction

Disk space

  • 32GB minimum required for the system part (the C: )


  • Gigabit Ethernet card recommended
  • Complies with PCI Express architecture specifications
  • Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE) support to be able to boot system installations from the network.

Windows Server ISO Download

We offer you a direct link for the Core / Standard version

Download Iso Windows Server 2016 Core / Std

Microsoft also offers a trial version at this link:

Windows Server 2016 installation

Once you have download Windows Server 2016, you must graft the ISO in the configuration of your VM. For an installation on a physical server it is necessary burn your iso on a usb key then plug your USB key into the server and boot from it to start the installation.

As for Windows 10 we must choose the language setting then do next

We click on “Install now”

windows server 2016 installation

We choose our edition (attention by default it is the Core version (without graphical interface, in most cases we choose the version with User experience).

windows server edition choice

We must accept the terms of the Windows contract

windows contract

The installation is very fresh so we will click on ” Custom: install Windows only“.

windows installation type

Now we need to select our hard drive to install the operating system

choice of hard disk drive

The installation starts, the duration varies according to the power of your equipment.

Windows server installation progress

The first step is to set a password for the Local Administrator account, be sure to put a complex password.

windows admin password choice

Click on finished, you will then arrive on the home page, a CTRL + ALT + DEL allows you to enter the login and password

windows server 2016

All you have to do is add features through the server manager

Windows 2016 server manager

Congratulations ! You have successfully installed Windows Server 2016

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard With 5 User Cals (16 Core) Detail


  • Microsoft Windows Server Datacenter 2016 (16 CORE) SEALED w / USB


  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard w. 10 USER CAL Certificate & MS USB


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