Windows Server 2016: install the backup tool

Like previous versions of Microsoft’s server operating system, Windows Server 2016 comes with free automatic backup software. Not as evolved as paid solutions like Symantec / Veritas Backup Exec or open source like Bacula, the utility provided with WS2016 is sufficient to backup a machine and its data.

Windows Server Backup (or WBAdmin) software supports bare metal and file backups. The system state can also be saved to recover your OS in the event of a crash.

This tool is the evolution of NTBackup from the time of Windows NT. It is not pre-installed by default with Windows Server 2016, a message warns to add the feature to the system: “Windows Server Backup is not installed on this computer. To install Windows Server Backup, select Add Roles and Features in Server Manager. This is what we will see in this tutorial.

Install Windows Server 2016 Backup Software

1. Open the server manager from WS16.

2. At the top right, click on To manage then Add roles and features.

windows server 2016 backup software tutorial

3. Click on Next on the “Before you begin” screen and validate the type “ Role-based or feature-based installation » .

4. Select Server concerned in the proposed pool.

5. Do not check anything on the Server Roles page, just click Next.

6. At the “Select Features” screen, tick the lineWindows Server Backup and continue for Install function.

windows server 2016 backup software tutorial

7. Installation only takes a few seconds. Close Server Manager when finished.

Use Windows Server 2016 Backup software

1. Open the start menu and search for ” Windows Server Backup ” in the list.

2. The tool allows to manage the local backups of the machine. For a network backup, you will have to use other tools or configure each Windows server independently.

3. The right panel offers different types of backup:

  • Backup schedule : to automate regular backups
  • Single backup : to make a single manual backup
  • Retrieve : restore data or the entire system from a Windows backup

windows server 2016 backup software tutorial

4. Click on “ Backup schedule to schedule a regular data copy.

5. Choose to save the ” Full Server (operating system + data from all partitions) or just certain folders (Custom).

windows server 2016 backup software tutorial

6. The choice of frequencies is quite limited, we are obliged to save every day at the same time, without possible exclusions (weekends, holidays) or refine by the minute. However, you can schedule several backups per day to keep a more complete file history.

windows server 2016 backup software tutorial

7. The “ destination type » depends on the medium used for the backups:

  • Back up to a hard disk dedicated to backups: internal disk or USB which will be formatted and dedicated to Windows Server backup
  • Save to a volume: to send the data to a local disk, leaving it in its original format (NTFS) and thus use it to store other files there
  • Save to a shared network folder: as part of a NAS or a share on a remote disk or server (there will be no version history, only the latest will be kept)

8. Add the disk or share as a backup destination. For example here with the network location.

windows server 2016 backup software tutorial

9. A summary summarizes the backup schedule. Validate by To end.

10. Backup history will be displayed with details for each one.

windows server 2016 backup software tutorial