Windows Phone: view SMS sent and received on a computer

When using your Windows Phone with a Microsoft account, it is possible to view your messages (SMS & MMS) from the site.

This tutorial explains how to configure the reading of SMS and MMS from your Windows Phone smartphone on a computer, via the Hotmail / webmail.


  • Windows Phone connected to a Microsoft account (Live, Outlook, Hotmail…).

Viewing text messages in

1) Go to the site

2) Log in with the same account used on your Windows Phone smartphone:

Outlook home messages

3) Click on ” Mail history “:

outlook history messaging

By default there will only be the history of Messenger / Facebook messages if this is configured:

Outlook facebook messaging history

4) To display the SMS and MMS messages, it is necessary to delete the end of the internet address where we are currently:

  • To delete ” & fid = b »From the address:

Outlook & fid = b

Example :

  • From this address “ fid = b
  • To delete & fid = b.
  • Then validate the address “” by pressing the key Entrance.

You can view your SMS / MMS from!

Outlook displays sms

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