Windows Phone: test its download speed

For various reasons you may need to test your internet speed from your Windows Phone. “There’s an app for that” (even if it’s not an iPhone!).

The main sites offering speed tests via the browser do not work on the Internet Explorer 10 browser integrated into Windows Phone 8 (these sites using Adobe Flash).

The “Mire IP Adsl” site works since it does not use any particular extension to carry out the speed test. However, the result does not seem reliable at all.

Windows Phone IE10 mire ip adsl

Degroup Test

Download the application ” Degroup Test“, then launch the application:

Degroup Test Windows Store

The interface is very simple but pleasant to look at:

Windows Phone degroup test

  • It is currently impossible to choose which connection to use (Wifi or 3G).


Download the Speed ​​Test application from the Windows Phone Store, then run this one:

Windows Phone Speed ​​Test


  • Practical and light
  • Allows you to choose which connection is used for the speed test (Wifi or 3G)
  • Allows you to choose the volume of data to download for the test
  • The interface looks less polished than the Degroup-Test app