Windows Phone: automatic SMS and MMS backup

Like many smartphone operating systems, Windows Phone allows your SMS to be saved in the cloud (that is, on Microsoft servers). What is it used for ? Among other things, to find all these messages after a reset of the phone, in the event of a breakdown for example.

Synchronization is possible with SMS, but also possible for your Pictures and applications.

What about the privacy of text messages? The same as that of your emails, at a time when the affair around PRISM is making the teeth of American leaders cringe.

Enable automatic message backup

1) From the Windows Phone home screen, click on the icon SMS messages :

Windows Phone SMS welcome screen

2) Click on the ” “(Three small dots) in the lower right corner:


3) Click on ” settings “:

SMS settings access

4) To activate the automatic archiving of your messages, activate the switchSMS / MMS backup “:

Windows Phone SMS backup disabled

WP active sms backup