Windows 8: the lock screen

Once Windows 8 is installed, the first thing you see is thelock Screen (lock screen). Instinctively, some people will click on the mouse or press a key on the keyboard but it is clear that it is not so obvious, knowing that there is no indication displayed on the screen.

Thus, there are several ways to unlock the lock screen.

With a mouse

A simple press on one of the buttons will make the lock screen to enter the password:

mouse lockscreen unlock

With a laptop touchpad

Simply press anywhere on the touchpad surface or one of the buttons:

Windows 8 lockscreen unlock touchpad

With a keyboard

With a keypad, any key will unlock the screen (exceptKeys: “fn”, “Windows”, “Print System Screen”):

windows 8 unlock keyboard

With a touch screen

Handling on a touch screen or tablet is probably the least intuitive for a large number of users: a simple touch on the screen is not enough.

The action to be taken is as follows: squeezethen slide up as if you were opening a blind or a shutter.

windows 8 tablet lock screen

There are several ways to unlock the screen, but the lack of indication can be confusing for a user just starting out on the Windows 8 operating system.