Windows 8: send / receive files via Bluetooth

After turning on Bluetooth on your Windows Phone, computer, tablet, or other Bluetooth device, you can receive and transfer data.

here’s how send and receive files to your Windows Phone (or any Bluetooth enabled device).

1) Open Windows File Explorer and right-click on the file to send by Bluetooth :

Windows 8 Send File

2) In the contextual menu, select ” Send to ” then ” Bluetooth device “:

Windows 8 send to bluetooth

3) Select the Bluetooth device to which the file must be sent, then click on ” Following “:

Windows 8 Bluetooth peripherals

Windows 8 bluetooth transfer

4) The Bluetooth device will certainly ask for theauthorisation to accept the file:

Windows Phone accept file

5) Once the validation is done, the transfer will start:

Windows 8 bluetooth transfer progress

Windows 8 bluetooth transfer completed

To receive files, it is necessary to put yourself in a context of ” reception “.

1) On the office Windows, in the notification area, search for the icon ” Bluetooth »And make a right click on this one.

Windows 8 receive bluetooth file

Windows 8 receive bluetooth files waiting

2) From this moment, it is possible to send files from your Bluetooth devices.

Example with a Windows Phone 8 phone :

Windows Phone 8 send bluetooth file

Windows 8 receive bluetooth file

Once the transfer is complete, you can choose the destination directory:

Windows 8 receive end bluetooth file

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