Windows 8: resize an image

Do you want to send an email with the photo of your new car, girlfriend or even apparently taken with your camera? But the image “weighs” more than 5 MB (Mega Byte) on the computer, what to do?

The solution is to resize image : reduce its size (therefore its quality) to save a lot of space and thus be able to quickly send it by e-mail.

Reduce the size of an image

1) From the file explorer, do a right click on the image and choose ” To modify » :

edit image right click

It is also possible to perform this action from the ribbon of the’file explorer clicking on ” To modify » :

change explorer ribbon image

2) The photo opens with paint, the Windows drawing software. Click on the button ” Resize » :

paint resize image

3) Two possibilities:

  • Either resize the photo with a percentagefor example for an image of 1920×1080 (2,073,600 pixels), if we indicate “50%” in height and width, the image will only be 960×540 (518,400 pixels, 4 times less than ‘before).

resize image percentage

  • Either indicate the desired size directly by pixel : for example 1600×1200. Don’t forget to tick ” Maintain aspect ratio so as not to end up with a distorted image.

resize image pixels

4) Save the modified image, knowing that to reduce the weight it is better to choose ” JPG » . The “PNG” format is of better quality but heavier. The “BMP” is to be banned.

To be sure not to lose the original image, we recommend saving the image under another name:

4.1) Click on ” File » :

paint menu file

4.2) Then “ Save as » and choose « Picture in JPEG format » :

paint save as jpeg

4.3) Choose the location of the file as well as its name, for example ” my image_reduced.jpg » :

Save as location