Windows 8: DOS games

We are well in 2013, despite that some nuggets of the 80s / 90s remain in our memories, such as Sokoban, Theme Hospital, Fallout 1… (three among many others!).

We will see in this tutorial how to be able to replay these games belonging to the past, but still so nice to (re) discover!

To illustrate this tutorial we will take as an example the mythical game ” fallout » :

Fallout Dos - Windows 8

DOSBox :

Select version for Windows.

Installation of DOSBox :

Once the installation file has been downloaded, run it. Windows 8 will surely indicate that the publisher is unknown, click on ” Run anyway » :

DOSBox Windows 8

DOSBox installation

DOSBox installation suite


DOSBox installation complete

Preparing your C Disk (for DOS)

Create a directory on your hard drive that will be dedicated to your “C:” DOS.

For example: C:\Games\DiskC\

Copy of the game we want to play on DOSBox

1) From the Windows file explorer, copy the game to a directory on your hard disk (knowing that it is also possible to use your CD-ROM drive directly, but the speed of the application may be altered.)

windows 8 copy cdrom games

DOS games copy files

Paste DOS folder

Copy in progress Fallout

Run DOSBox

Search from the Windows 8 home screen by typing ” backbox » :

DOSBox Search

1) “Mount” a directory which will be your hard drive “C:”:

MOUNT C: [Répertoire-Réel]
Exemple: MOUNT C: E:\Jeux\DisqueC\

Dos disk C Dosbox

Installing Fallout

1) In DOSBox, “mount” as a virtual disk the directory where the game is located:

MOUNT d: [Répertoire-Réel-Cible] -t cdrom
Exemple : MOUNT d: e:\Jeux\FALLOUT\ -t cdrom

It is also possible to “mount” a real CD-ROM drive by indicating its Windows 8 drive letter:

Exemple : MOUNT d: d: -t cdrom

DOSBox Windows 8 mount cdrom

2) You have to position on disk “D” by typing ” D:“.

3) Depending on the game, you will either have to install it or run it directly. For falloutwe will type “ install » :

DOSBox install fallout

4) Installing Fallout:

DOSBox installation FALLOUT

DOSBox install fallout

DOSBOX install finish fallout

5) Launching the game:

To launch the game you have to go back to the C drive, then go to the directory where Fallout was installed:

” vs: “



DOSBox Fallout launch

DOSBox Fallout.exe

Once the command is executed, the game will launch:


fallout 1 dos menu

fallout 1 game

To switch to full screen you can use the key combination ALT + Entrance.

To know more about DOSBox and all the possibilities, visit the official wiki (in English):