Windows 8 / 8.1: connect to a wireless network (wifi)

Childish for some, the connection to a wireless internet network has changed with Windows 8 and 8.1 from previous versions. Better to anticipate to get off to a good start with your new computer. This function is only available if your machine is equipped with a wifi card, this is the case with all new laptops but it is not common on a central unit (also called a “tower”).

Windows first boot and wifi connection

In the case of the first start of your new computer or a new installation of Windows, the configuration wizard automatically asks you to choose the wifi network.

Read this page for help windows 8 first questions setup.

New connection to a wifi wireless network

1. Open the charms baron the side of the screen. Click on the network icon (the bars with the star mean that the wifi is not connected).

windows 8 wifi wireless network connection

2. Click on the name of the wireless network where you want to connect. The network may be called Livebox-XXXX, Freebox, NUMERICABLE or other depending on your internet service provider).

windows 8 wifi wireless network connection

3. Indicate the network security key (or wifi code, wifi password). This code is written on a sticker on the box or is given by the owner of the internet connection (the hotel reception, your friend, etc.).

wireless network connection wifi dongle wpa wep freewifi

4. Depending on the network you are in, you can whether or not to enable sharing to other devices of the network. In the case of a wifi connection from a hotel or a public place, you must select the first option: “No, do not activate sharing or connection to peripherals”. If you are at home or on a private wifi, you can choose the second option “Yes, activate sharing” to be able to exchange files with other computers, print remotely, etc.

wifi wireless network connection sharing

5. The Networks menu indicates that you are connected to the requested Wi-Fi network. All you have to do is open an internet browser to check that the connection is working.

windows 8 wifi wireless network connection