Windows 8.1: change the start screen image

With Windows 8, we couldn’t really change the background of the start screen. Windows 8.1 allows more advanced customization of the graphical environment, we can now put your own photo in the background of the home screen.

The welcome screen is where the icons are located to open the programs that are installed on the computer.

Apply Desktop wallpaper to the Windows 8.1 Start screen

1. Go to the Office of Windows.

2. Make a right click on the taskbar and choose Properties.

Windows desktop properties

3. Go toNavigation tab and tick the lineShow my Desktop background on the Home screen “.

desktop wallpaper

4. Return to the home screen (Windows key on the keyboard or Windows / Start button at the bottom left of the screen). Your image or photo now appears behind Windows 8.1 tiles.

Windows 8.1 home screen