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Windows 7 KMS Activator- KMSpico Free Download Windows 7 Activator

Windows 7 KMS Activator-Download KMSpico Windows 7 Activator For Free

Now, let us understand how to activate Windows7 and How KMS Windows Activator helps us during the process. Just to remind, those who want to save their pocket from Activation Fee, they surely follow this procedure. Along with the activation, Users will get Premium Features at no cost. This facility will not create any hassle. Further, This KMSpico tool is really fantastic to support almost all Microsoft Products. However, it is better to use the tool for MSOffice and Activating the Windows.

Along with the Activation process, we will also explore the notable features of the latest release of KMS. One of the exciting features of KMS Activator is that there is no need for Internet Connection. After Downloading the Activator, you may turn internet connection to off. Hence, working offline is indeed an astonishing advantage for the users who are running on Data.

Whichever the version of Windows 7 it be, you can get the Windows 7 activation at no cost. Additionally, this activation will not even create any issues. In case you have already activated your Windows 7 with KMSpico, and you want to upgrade to Windows8 or Windows 8.1 you can do so. The fact is that KMSpico does offer Genuine License only. Apparently, this is encouraging and interesting.

As a matter of fact, you do need any extra setup. What you just need to do is use the original process to activate this software. In case, you do not have any idea of the process, no need to worry. We will explain you the process of using activator to activate your Windows7.

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Windows 7 Activator KMSpico Free Download

Here, we share some exciting features of KMSpico which you will get after Windows activation. You are sure to get a genuine license for Windows activation. There is no need for any other setup. You just need to spend some time to click the buttons for a free license.

Your Windows will get update features automatically, without even License blockage. It is 100% safe and secure. There is no hidden cost involved. Hence the process is very transparent. This KMSpico’s recent version do include MSOffice and Other related products. What you need is just .NET Framework 3.5, which is available at no cost. Further, other additional requirements are not required.

Aren’t these features astonishing?! So, We are done with understanding the characteristics of KMSpico Windows 7 Activator. Let us now understand the process of installation. I am sure that, many users of KMSpico are aware of the installation process. However, those who do not aware of the process, read the instructions as listed in the following steps.

How to Use KMSpico Windows Activator for Windows 7

  • Firstly, Download KMSpico.
  • Copy the folder which you have downloaded to the desktop, i.e., Home Screen.
  • Extract the .rar folder contents on your Home Screen and enter into the portable folder.
  • With the Administrator privileges run the .exe file. Remember, working with administrator privileges to run this .exe file is very important.
  • Congratulations, you are just a few minutes away from the activation.
  • As soon as you get the message, Restart the computer.
  • Check once if your system has got the Windows activation or not.

Instructions to the Users:

Go through the instructions mentioned below and apply them while going through the installation of given application.

  • User’s anti-virus software should be disabled.
  • If antivirus was enabled, it can automatically modify the windows registry through the activation of windows or windows office.
  • At first, the device needs to get the KMSPico download with backlinks.
  • Then make sure the step Run to protect the device or PC messages.
  • Users must visit more info to select Run Anyway option from the dragged list.
  • Click on the Red button and wait for feedback and the process will get finishes once it shows the installation was done successfully.
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How to Install and Run KMSPICO Windows 7?

KMSPico takes few steps to get finish the installation and it is very simple to get the alerts through installation.

  • Initially, check that firewall protection was turned off or not, if not make it off.
  • To have the exe file of download, Click on green button appear at the top of the page.
  • Now, Run the .exe file to receive a protection message.

Go through method 1 and method 2 then choose any one as your wish. After finishing all these steps, users need to click on red button then they should run through the background. After this, restart the system and use the activated tool. These following methods are referred to have the alternate solution regarding KMSPICO.

Method 1:

  • Once, the activation process was done, explore KMSpico window as an initial step.
  • Choose another “Token” option to verify the status of system windows.
  • Hit on the blue square portion which is having encircled portion.

Now, the users can see the available version present in currently using the system and also can state the position of activation.

Method 2:

  • First, click on the start menu.
  • Choose “ My PC” as the desired option.
  • Make a right click on properties.
  • Then scroll downs the page till the end.
  • Now, the users can find the message as Windows is activated”.

Then the system will get reset with the default and now they can able to run the device with fast and better speed.

Till today, the KMSpico developers team was explored various different versions of KMS through the web and all of them are fake software only. Which will be used to get install adware or ransomware in order to grab the earnings and also to run the ads through the machines.

Best Windows 7 Activators:

Now, let us all go through the list of windows activators to pick the best by analyzing its features and specifications.

1.Loader Extreme:

Loader extreme is a unique tool which can access automatically and also can give activation push to the current windows.  It can be work as a comprehensive auto activator to get the actual recognization with wind 7 as a common activator. The only drawback with loader extreme is, there is no bad virus or malware present in it.

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2.Re-Loader Activator:

Whenever the users want to activate windows 7 and also wants to reload the activation with an updated toll, Reloader is must to initiate. This can beast the activation with 7 bit 32 bit it 64 bit and more.


This is the last and best version which was recently updated with the latest version as Remove WAT activator. In the case of exceptional software, the routinely erasing the activation through the home screen. Under assistance, windows 7 can be prompt even with the key fell over the upgrading the gadgets or devices.

Hope you all understand the detailed information about KMSpico windows 7 Activator and can install the app now. Stay tuned with our page to have more updated technical information.

Features of KMSPICO Windows 7 Activator:

1.Life Time Activation:

With the first installation of the app, users can activate the lifetime access without any distortion. There is no restricted time period specified by the developers.

  1. Windows Activation:

This tool can automatically activate the windows along with office products. The activation through KMPSPico will be similar to the regular Windows version.

3.Virus Free and Protect the device:

The Devices having KMSPICO as its best tool, there is no chance to face virus which will get the system to be slow. And it is also able to protect the device from harmful tools.

4.Problems detection:

KMSPICO can easily detect the problems and can suggest the help to the users in order to overcome such problems. It is very genuine according to the detection rule and erasing the problems.

  1. Operating System:

KMSPICO supports 32-bit operating system and 64 bits operating system for Windows 7, 8,8.1, 10. But it is not at all applicable for Windows XP and others.

6.Free of Cost:

KMSPICO is a cost-free application which can be available to download from app stores. With the one attempt towards accessing, the app can possess lifetime support and can enjoy all available features.


KMSPICO window activator is a best and selective application to the users who are facing many problems with their regular work with the system. Let us learn the steps and be an expert to solve the issues of your device on your own.

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