Windows 365, the PC in the cloud

In turn, Microsoft is entering the niche market of ” PC in the cloud ” with Windows 365. To follow and catch up with the leaders of this still confidential field, Redmond has finally unveiled its cloud PC offer for businesses and gamers.

What is an “online PC” used for?

First of all, it is about flexibility. For companies that do not have a private, public or hybrid cloud VDI infrastructure, Windows 365 could meet the needs of certain highly mobile users. Flexibility because no matter where or what device you have in your hands, the cloud environment will always have the same tools, software, files and personalized settings. Whether from a fixed or portable PC, a Windows, Mac, Linux or Android, it does not matter the performance of the machine: it is the online PC which calculates, which stores, which records. Even a thin client or an obsolete computer will do (but with a recent OS to handle the required level of security).

It is therefore sufficient to have a correct internet connection to make an image report, nothing else passes through. A bit like an RDP remote desktop or remote maintenance Team Viewer only displays the image of the remote computer and does not need to download or send the data you are working on.

The performance and prices offered by Windows 365?

It is with a “Basic” SME offer that starts at €28.20 excluding tax per month that Microsoft is launching into the cloud PC. At this price, per user, you are entitled to a Windows 10 via powered by 2 virtual processors, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

A little light to run a few applications? It will then be necessary to switch to the “Standard” range which costs €37.30 excluding tax per user and per month. For these +9€ monthly, we then benefit from 8 GB of RAM in total.

The “Premium” pack at €60.10 excluding VAT per user and per month increases to 4 vCPUs and 16 GB of RAM with the possibility of using Visual Studio Code, therefore a hosted virtual machine for IT developers.

Tailor-made offers are also possible with a floor price of €18.20 excl. VAT per login and per month for 1 processor, 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, and up to €147.50 excl. VAT / user / months for a machine with 8 vCPUs, 32 GB of RAM and 512 GB of dedicated disk.

Microsoft Windows 365 price price pc cloud gaming

For the company, but for individuals too?

These denominations and characteristics correspond to offers tailored for companies, small or large. Other organizations, such as associations and schools, may also find their interest. But what about the individual who hesitates to replace his personal computer or to play with a PC online?

In addition to its subscription rate which in fact will end the service when direct debits are interrupted, the online PC does not meet a domestic need. Indeed, it will still require a computer with keyboard and mouse/touchpad to access this cloud-hosted resource, so let’s simplify by saying that it will require a computer to access this virtual computer in the cloud. If the physical station does not need to be a thunderbolt, the technical, software and financial limitations will not be advantages for subscribing to it. With the “Basic” configuration at €28.20 per month, we only have a very basic machine and perhaps not enough to run office applications + a few internet browser tabs. And after twelve months, it’s €406 incl. VAT spent, more than €800 incl. VAT over two years, ie the purchase value of a new decent computer, central unit or laptop under Windows.

A cloud PC for gamers?

For gamers, the Windows 365 cloud PC will not be suitable at all. For the moment, Microsoft does not offer a graphics card option. Video game fans who don’t have the right hardware will have to turn to a cloud gaming service such as Shadow PC, GeForce Now or PlayStation Now.