Windows 365 announced, you can do this with it

Windows 365 announced, you can do this with it

A new 365 product, this time in the form of Windows, by Microsoft. But what can you do with it?

With the 365 products, Microsoft focuses on the cloud. And that is no different with the arrival of Windows 365. You are actually looking at Windows 10, but can be used on all kinds of different devices via the cloud. It is not a fixed OS on one computer. In practice this means that you can use ‘your’ Windows on, for example, unknown devices. You don’t have to carry a laptop that way.

Windows 365 will be launched on August 2 this year. Initially, it concerns a virtual environment of Windows 10, later there will of course be the switch to Windows 11. In principle, you can use 365 on all kinds of different devices. Even on a Mac or Linux. Microsoft has developed the platform through its own Azure Virtual Desktop.

Windows 365 can be used on up to eight different devices. The OS comes with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. The cloud solution is mainly aimed at the business market. So don’t count on opening your 365 somewhere and then sitting down to play games. That’s not what this virtual OS is aimed at. It can be useful for your work to build a virtual environment by means of 365. You can then load that environment on your home computer and the employer does not have to provide its own hardware. You also prevent work from entering your private environment, because 365 is its own OS. Pretty smart.

It has not yet been announced by Microsoft what this virtual form of Windows should cost. The American tech company will only announce this in August, a day before the launch.