Windows 11: see the IP address

In a business or home network, the IP address is an important element for making several computers communicate together. Whether through a server, an internet box or a router, each machine on the network is identified by an IP address (and its Mac address). Desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or connected object, everything connected to a local computer network (LAN) receives or is configured with an IP address. This information is useful for diagnosing a network problem or ensuring that data exchanges can be made. It is also through this that we access a share on a server, NAS storage, a surveillance camera, a home automation system, etc.

This tutorial shows how find the IP address of a PC running Windows 11. The procedure changes somewhat compared to previous versions, it is already different from Windows 10 and even more Windows 7.

See the network IP address of a Windows 11 computer

1. Open the start menu and the Settings from Windows11:

W11 tutorial Windows 11 Start menu Settings

2. In the left menu, go to ” Network and Internet » :

Windows 11 tutorial internet network settings W11

3. Click on “ ethernet ” Where ” Wireless » depending on the network connection used:

Windows 11 tutorial Ethernet Wifi network settings

4. Scroll down the page to find theIPv6 address or theIPv4 address computer (the most standard is IPv4, much easier to memorize):

Windows 11 tutorial find W11 IP address

5. A “Copy” button even allows you to save this information to send it to an IT support technician, for example:

Vitesse de connexion (Réception/Transmission) : 1000/1000 (Mbps)
Adresse IPv6 locale du lien : fe80::c59:4eb8:a7ca:bdef%14
Adresse IPv4 :
Serveurs DNS IPv4 : (non chiffré)
Suffixe DNS principal : localdomain
Fabricant : Intel Corporation
Description : Intel(R) 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
Version du pilote :
Adresse physique (MAC) : 00-0C-29-A6-6F-48

Timeless “geek” method

Another way to find the IP address of a Windows computer, the same for several decades, is through the command prompt (cmd).

1. Open a Command Prompt.

2. Type: ipconfig

3. The result displays, among other things, the ” IPv4 address of the machine.

windows 11 tutorial ip address cmd w11