Windows 11 Preview Build gets massive update

A major update has been released for the Windows 11 Preview Build (via the Insider channel). Microsoft fixes the taskbar, among other things.

Microsoft is launching the first major update to the Windows 11 Preview Build this week. The update mainly focuses on bug fixes for the taskbar; one of the biggest changes the new OS introduces. In addition, dozens of other fixes have been implemented and the UI has been adjusted.

Windows 11 PreviewBuild 22000.65

For anyone who knows that they can run Windows 11 or have already downloaded the Preview version, the update is good news. Among other things, the update adds a search bar to the start menu to make it easier to find things. And yes, Windows 10 has always had that feature.

The taskbar also got its own section in the patch notes because a large number of bug fixes have been implemented for it. The update introduces Power mode in the battery settings, warnings (for, among other things, low battery life) are now correctly displayed and you can now immediately refresh the desktop (via right mouse button).

To be clear, the Windows 11 Preview Build is like a teaser for beta testers. Anyone can sign up as an Insider, where Microsoft has already made Windows 11 available. Via the Windows Insider Dev Channel, the software giant then publishes update 22000.65, or the Preview Build of what is to come. For example, the company already receives feedback before the beta version for more feedback is live.

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