Windows 11 Key – All you need to know

You know it Windows 11 is available since October 5.

We even offer a tutorial for download windows 11.

But what about the keys to Windows 11 license ?

This article provides an update on license key management for Microsoft’s latest system.

We remind you that for install Windows 11 without encountering an error, your computer must have a recent 64-bit processor, with at least 2 cores, 4 GB of memory, 64 GB of storage but above all an active TPM 2.0 chip and finally the Secure Boot option in your UEFI

What is the Windows 11 license key used for?

A license key is used to activate your operating system.

She thus unlocks all the functionalities of the system and allows you to be legal with the Microsoft publisher.

It is quite possible toinstall Windows 11 without entering a key you are then in the evaluation version.

What is quite curious with Windows 11 is that Microsoft does not offer a license key.

Indeed you will not find (for the moment?) Of digital or physical license. To activate your Windows you must grab a Windows 10 key!

windows 11 fake key
Here is a Windows license key that can be pasted on a computer.

We have written a special page which lists the different windows 10 key.

The case of consumer PCs

It is quite possible to buy a laptop or tower in a store or at an assembler (which in my opinion is an excellent choice).

Newer computers come with Windows 11, so there is no key per se.

For the assembler, he can install Windows 10 then activate it with a Windows 10 key and finally migrate to version 11

There are tools for find your Windows key.

You can also see it in your settings menu then Activation.

Here my Windows 10 Home is activated using a Digital license.

Windows 11 Professional

For professionals who manage a large fleet of machines, this could be a headache.

At the moment there is not a lot of information. Will Microsoft offer keys?

The only solution to get Windows 11 pro is to migrate from Windows 10 Professional to Windows 11 Professional

To know all the information on Windows 11 you can consult the official Microsoft page:

Beware of sites that offer Windows 11 keys

At the moment, there are no Windows 11 keys on the market. The keys offered are surely keys for the Windows 10 version.

Don’t be fooled, surely you can migrate to Windows 11 for free, in fact Windows 11 is free for all holders of a Windows 10 license.

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