Windows 11 is here!

Windows 11 is here!

Today is the day. The long-awaited Microsoft Windows 11 is here.

Microsoft’s updated operating system is out today. The company has been working on this version for a long time and has also made many visual adjustments. It had to, Windows started to lose ground to Apple’s OS. We’ve already written many articles about what’s in it, but today it’s really time.

Windows 11 is here

Everyone has used Windows at some point. That is almost impossible. The simple way of working and the availability are the plus points. If you turn on your computer today, you do not immediately expect to receive the update. The rollout of the operating system will be rolled out in several phases. That starts today, but the whole process takes longer than a year.

You can of course already check whether your computer is ready for the update. Go to your system and click on Windows Update or via PC Health Check. There you can see if your computer can handle the update at all.

Office 2021 and more

Office was already working well, and Microsoft is aware of that. So there are not a lot of adjustments. The look will be a bit sleeker and there will be a night mode. Handy if you still have to work in the evening. The price of Office 2021 is 150 euros for consumers. No need to upgrade, the 2019 version is still available.

Do we remember Skype? Not really. During the pandemic, other large companies have jumped on the same technique. Microsoft did this with Teams. Skype has therefore completely disappeared and has been replaced by Teams. Attention gamers, with Windows 11 you can also play less visually strong games in HDR via Auto HDR. Please note, your monitor must be suitable for this.