Windows 11 has been officially announced

Windows 11 has been officially announced

Today the moment was finally there. Microsoft officially presented Windows 11 at an event.

During an online livestream that everyone could follow, Microsoft officially announced the arrival of Windows 11. As expected, it is not a revolutionary innovation compared to Windows 10. On main chords it is mainly adapted, with a more accessible appearance.

Windows 11 official

With this first impression, Windows seems to be creeping more towards the world of mobile operating systems, rather than a traditional desktop feel. Everything is very tight, without you doubting whether big things are really different. It’s as if Microsoft has taken Windows 10 in the base and has modernized this OS in many ways. We list the highlights for you that are officially part of Windows 11.

  • New start menu
  • All-new design in the OS
  • Round icons
  • Introducing a new dark mode
  • Windows 11 has better performance, updates are 40 percent smaller
  • Widgets play an important role in Windows 11
  • Auto HDR is coming to Windows 11
  • Android apps integration

The latest operating system from Microsoft will appear in the fall of 2021. In the run-up to the actual release, the American tech company will probably announce more, including (public) betas.