Windows 11 gets a special SE version

Windows 11 SE comes standard to the Surface SE announced at the same time, among other things

After the regular Windows 11, Microsoft now comes with an SE variant tailor-made for education.

Microsoft is firmly committed to Windows 11, which is not surprising given that it is one of the better operating systems of the brand so far. As with Windows 10, the company is also looking for new markets here to be able to wear out the OS. To that end, Microsoft is announcing Windows 11 SE, a special version of Windows 11 for cheap laptops for education. And you get Word, Excel and PowerPoint as standard.

Windows 11 SE

The already announced SE variant of the OS has not changed much in most respects. The whole has been somewhat limited, especially in peripheral functions, in order to better meet the wishes of students. For example, the Widgets and the Microsoft Store are not available here. Applications also open in full screen by default, since laptops for the education market usually have a small screen.

In addition, the backend of Windows 11 SE is also aimed at students. For example, the OS makes backups to the cloud by default. There are also some extra options for network administrators. For example, the roll-out of updates can be centrally arranged.

vs ChromeOS

The new operating system is clearly capitalizing on a market currently dominated by ChromeOS. The lightweight operating system comes standard with cheaper laptops aimed at students and teachers. Due to the pandemic, many schools have made the switch to a more digital form of teaching. Microsoft clearly wants to get a share of this very lucrative development.