Windows 11 does not exist, according to Microsoft

Windows 11 Cortana

Obviously, Microsoft’s Cortana isn’t quite ready for the arrival of Windows 11. Take a look.

It will be a while before Windows 11 is available. Recently, however, a leak has emerged. The leak lets you install a very early build of Windows 11. Definitely not recommended if you’re going to do this on your regular computer. Because take into account an unstable operating system that is certainly not yet aimed at consumer use. But Microsoft Cortana isn’t so sure that Windows 11 even exists.

This funny fact came to the fore following a video posted on Twitter by The Verge editor-in-chief Tom Warren. He ran the early build of Windows 11 and then asked if the new version of the operating system actually exists. No, Cortana goes on to say. Windows 10 is and remains lord and master, is the conclusion of the speech assistant. With the evidence in the background that Warren is asking this question from Windows 11.

Of course, Microsoft has yet to release an update for Cortana to take on Windows 11 support. That will not be on the priority list of the American company for the time being. After all, this build shouldn’t even have come out. Nevertheless, it is a funny movie.

Cortana on Windows 11