Windows 11 comes with new workable function

Windows 11 comes with new workable function

This feature was not announced at the official OS presentation but is coming! Windows 11 comes with a new good workable function.

Windows 11 may be available to everyone earlier this year, which is good news. But the operating system also comes with an interesting new feature. This one was not announced at the official announcement of the system a while ago. Microsoft man Panay sent out a tweet a few days ago, announcing this feature.

Windows 11’s new workable feature

And by workable, we mean really workable. This new feature in Windows 11 will help you work better. The OS supposedly comes with a feature called Focus Sessions, which is basically a Pomodoro-style timer with Spotify and Microsoft To-Do integration. Useful? Secure.

The Pomodoro Method is a simple productivity strategy where you focus on a task for say 20-30 minutes and then take short breaks (often 5-10 minutes). That way you stay focused and get the task done. The timing is flexible, but the idea is to break a task down into manageable chunks, while still leaving some room for minor distractions. The keyword is short; taking a timed short break will help keep you from procrastinating completely. And don’t we all do that?

Focus Sessions

The new feature will be integrated into the Windows 11 Clock app. At least, that’s what we suspect after seeing the teaser. You can set yourself how long you want to concentrate. There is also an overview of tasks from the To-Do app. Of course there is also a gamification component. You can see a daily progress tracker. This shows exactly how many hours you have worked concentrated.

There is another nice addition: the Spotify functionality. You can use this to set a background music. That way you work even harder. At least that is the intention.