Windows 11 comes with new media player. Finally.

Windows 11 comes with new media player.  Finally.

During a Microsoft webcast, the company introduced the new Windows 11 media player. And this was about time.

You can download Windows 11 from October 5. The upgrade has many innovations, including the media player. This was discussed during a webcast. It is unclear whether this was the intention. It seemed that the media player accidentally came into the picture when presenting video that was not put on full screen. Well, the fact remains that a new media player is coming.

Media Player, as the application is called, came into view during a video on the webcast. It shows a time bar, with all kinds of control buttons below it. It seems that a new media player is coming. This was not in the test version that is public, which makes it even more confusing. Still, it’s a welcome surprise. This is because Windows 10 has three apps for this by default. That’s not really useful. These are the Groove Music, Windows Media Player, and Movies & TV apps. If these three were put together, it would be a lot more workable.

Earlier it was confirmed by Microsoft that the system would be more streamlined and logical. Now you have several programs for things that you could actually bring together.

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In the livestream, Microsoft also told everything about the Windows 11 widgets that are coming. The snipping tool, photo editing app, Paint and a clock are also discussed. The media player came at the very end.

October 5 is the day. You will automatically receive a notification on your computer when you can do the upgrade.