Windows 11 and a broken HDR screen? You are not alone

Windows 11 and a broken HDR screen?  You are not alone

And the HDR screen is not broken, but Microsoft should come up with a software solution for Windows 11.

Panic in the tent if your screen suddenly shows vague incorrect colors. Is your monitor broken and can it be thrown into the trash? None of this. That is, if you use Windows 11 in combination with an HDR screen. The problem lies with the software.

Microsoft has indicated that there is indeed a problem for computers with an HDR screen that run on Windows 11. The colors may be displayed incorrectly. Pretty frustrating. Fortunately, you now have the news from Microsoft that it is not your fault. I can imagine that you have already been involved with all kinds of cables and settings of the monitor. For example, white does not really look like white, but rather yellowish.

The bad news is that you still have to work this way for a few more weeks. Microsoft does not expect to come up with a solution for the HDR screen issue in combination with Windows 11 until the end of January. That means use another screen (not HDR!) until then. Or you take a four-week vacation. That last one is a good excuse to take a break, right? Your boss will probably understand you.