Windows 10: How To disable automatic driver installation.

Installing a peripheral has become child’s play: you plug it in and the operating system will automatically search for the correct driver. Only here, with Windows 10 it seems that the one chosen is not always the most appropriate, leading, as you can imagine, to disasters. I offer you a very simple solution to deactivate this service.

disable automatic driver installation

Being on my vacation spot and running out of time (I know I’m telling you my life story…), I told myself that I was going to give you a quick tutorial that will be very useful to you. : yahoo:

This article was born following my visit to the Sospc Forum, a speaker, Yves B, gave during a conversation in a topic a link allowing to disable automatic driver installation on Windows 10.

I found this to be a very good idea, but the proposed solution required the use of the Group Policy Editor, I then said to myself that there must necessarily be a simpler solution, that’s what I’m suggesting to you today. : yes:

-> Note that I mentioned Windows 10, but we can adapt it to Windows 7 or Vista. ;-)


A little video to start


disable automatic driver installation under W10

Operating mode

  • Type advanced system settings Where advanced settings in the search area and choose the eponymous answer (you will not normally need to enter all of it, you will quickly have the appropriate suggestion).
disable automatic driver installation in Windows 10
  • The window of System Properties opens (there are other ways to do this, this is my favorite). Choose tab Equipment then Device installation settings.
disable automatic driver installation in Windows 10
  • By default Windows automatically downloads what it needs, so choose No.
disable automatic driver installation in Windows 10
  • Then validate by clicking on Save Changes.
disable automatic driver installation in Windows 10

There it is, it’s (already) finished, it’s simple, isn’t it? ;-)

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Obviously, if you have chosen to modify this parameter, this implies that you already have the driver (s) you will need or that you know where to find them, I offer you an excellent site on this subject, DriversCloud, which will provide you with verified ones.

Finally, if you plan to reinstall your Operating System, I recommend this trick to save all your drivers which will save you a lot of time. ;-)

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