Windows 10: turn off tablet mode

The Windows Start menu has disappeared? The taskbar no longer shows open applications? Large icons are displayed like the Windows 8 welcome screen (see image above)? Do not panic, if it is nevertheless very disturbing to see your work environment modified in this way, the resolution of this problem is done in a few clicks.

It is certainly not a voluntary operation, it is a safe bet that the tablet mode was activated following a false manipulation with the mouse or an inadvertent press with the finger on a touch screen. Touch screens are found on home computers all in one Where 2 in 1, but also on certain laptops and of course tablets powered by the Windows 10 operating system. It is generally with 2 in 1 laptops, those which turn into tablets, that the problem occurs.

This tutorial therefore explains how to switch back from touch desktop mode to classic start menu in Windows 10. All editions of Windows 10 can be affected, as well Windows 10 Home for the home as the Professional and Enterprise versions which are dedicated to organizations. All of them offer this touchscreen tablet mode to be used with the fingers, even if the device is not equipped with a touch screen.

Turn off Windows 10 touchscreen tablet mode

1. Click on the Notifications, all at the bottom right of the screen.

Windows 10 Tablet Mode tutorial

2. Check if the ” Tablet mode »Is activated (in blue or another color, but not grayed out like the others). If the Tablet Mode square is not visible, click on “Expand” to see the other proposals appear.

Windows 10 Tablet Mode tutorial

3. Click on the buttonTablet mode To deactivate it (it turns gray).

Windows 10 Tablet Mode tutorial

4. Immediately, the usual desktop returns to the screen with the taskbar and the Start menu specific to Windows 10.

Windows 10 Tablet Mode tutorial

Alternative solution

If it wasn’t tablet mode that was causing the problem, the full screen splash screen feature may be enabled.

1. Go to Settings Windows icon Customizationmenu Homepage to the left.

2. UncheckUse the full screen splash screen “So that the option is on” Deactivated “:

Windows 10 tutorial full screen startup screen tablet icon