Windows 10: Show hidden files and folders

Sometimes it is necessary to access system files to correct a problem or to configure software. This tutorial explains how set Windows 10 File Explorer to show hidden folders and files of the operating system. The default directories and files are hidden for security, to avoid any mishandling. It is therefore not advisable to carry out this operation without a specific objective.

Accessing hidden files may be necessary to access AppData folders in order to read or copy the configuration of some software, for example to save a Thunderbird mail account Where save a Google Chrome user profile.

Show hidden Windows 10 folders and files

1. Open the start menu and launch theFile explorer.

Windows 10 tutorial start menu file explorer

2. Click on the menu Display and, on the right, check line ” Hidden elements “.

Windows 10 tutorial show files folders hidden items

3. We therefore see hidden folders and files, such as the AppData directory in C: Users.

Windows 10 tutorial show files folders hidden items