Windows 10: remove password on startup

Protecting your computer with a password is basic security to prevent other people from having access to your files. Nevertheless, it can be restrictive to enter this code each time. To no longer have to indicate the account password each time you start up or wake up, it is possible to deactivate it without deleting it and therefore to retain password protection, for example to access it via the network. This tutorial does not show how to remove the password from the computer but simply how no longer have to type the password when starting up and waking up from sleep on the Windows 10 PC. The password remains active to protect the machine in other situations where it is requested: remote access via the network, reinitialization of the operating system, etc.

It works perfectly with a local account but it’s different with a Microsoft account, i.e. when you have configured Windows 10 with an email address. Beware of this feature because it is generally what blocks when you try to apply the procedure detailed in this tutorial.

Disable Windows 10 Boot Password

1. Make a right click on the start button and choose Execute.

Windows 10 right click start menu button run

2. Type netplwiz and validate by okay.

start run netplwiz

3. Uncheck line ” Users must enter a username and password to use this computer » .

Windows 10 tutorial remove PC startup password

4. Click on the button « Apply ” and write the password twice of the account before validating by okay.

Windows 10 tutorial remove PC startup password

5. Restart the computer to verify that the password is no longer required.

If it doesn’t work

Perform the following manipulations if the previous method is not enough.

1. Open the start menu and open the Settings (cogwheel icon).

Windows 10 tutorial start menu Settings Control Panel

2. Click on Accounts :

Windows 10 tutorial Settings Accounts join domain

3. Go to menu « Connection Options ” to the left :

windows 10 tutorial account settings connection option

4. In the group “ Password ” click on ” To modify » :

tutorial remove password windows 10

5. You may need to type your pin code (short code with a few digits) to go further.

6. The windows account password is requested to confirm your identity.

tutorial remove password windows 10

7. Important part to follow: on the “Change your password” page, only fill in the first line “Old password” and leave the following two empty.

tutorial remove password windows 10

8. The password should no longer be requested on the next Windows startup.

Note: If you have any problem with this manual, ask the question on the forum by creating a new topic in the “Windows 10” section and by specifying the precise version of your Windows (20H2, 21H1…). No answers will be given in the comments below.