Windows 10: put a slide show on lock screen

The lock screen is an image or series of photos that is displayed when the computer starts up, before entering the password for the Windows session, and when the screen saver starts. This scrolling of images can be configured in the Settings of Windows 10, this tutorial explains how set up a slide show of screensaver and lock screen images. To have only one photo, follow this guide.

By default, each day is uploaded a new photo proposed by Microsoft (this is Windows in the spotlight). While pretty, these landscape and animal images will be less personalized than family photos or the last vacation in the sun.

Set up a Windows 10 lock screen photo slideshow

1. Open the start menu and choose Settings.

WF tutorial Windows 10 start menu Settings Control panel

2. Click on the first icon Customization.

Windows 10 tutorial customization settings

3. On the left, go to Lock Screen.

Windows 10 lock screen tutorial

4. By default on Windows Highlights, select ” Slideshow

Windows 10 tutorial change photo lock screen slideshow

5. Click on ” Add a folder »To choose where the photos are stored. It is possible to add more than one folder if the desired photos are stored in different folders.

Windows 10 tutorial change photo lock screen slideshow

6. The photos will therefore scroll on the lock screen, when the PC starts up and when the screensaver is activated.