Windows 10: Open Windows Defender Antivirus Software

Windows 10 comes with free antivirus software: Windows Defender. But where is he hiding?

If it is no longer a priority today to worry about the antivirus protection of your computer, because the main threats are elsewhere (malware, mailbox hacking, etc.), we cannot yet dispense with have reliable antiviral protection on our computers. With market share still growing, Windows PCs are the preferred targets for phishing and other ransomware systems.

If your computer is equipped with other anti-virus software (McAfee, Norton, Bitdefender) and you want to keep this paid protection, this tutorial is not for you. If you’ve installed a free antivirus like Avast or Antivir and you’re happy with it, you don’t need to follow this guide. But if your machine is protected by Microsoft Windows Defender, then it’s worth checking out how this software works.

Windows Defender comes standard with Windows 10, Home and Professional. It is a free antivirus, for life and in French. No need to renew it every year. It couldn’t be simpler.

Open Windows Defender Antivirus software

1. Open the start menu and click on the Gear Settings.

Windows 10 tutorial start menu Settings Control Panel

2. Click on ” Update and security “:

Windows 10 tutorial Windows Update security settings

3. In the left menu, find ” Windows Defender “:

Windows Defender antivrus tutorial free

4. On the right, click on the gray button ” Open Windows Defender “:

Windows Defender antivrus tutorial free

5. The first opening of the program asks if you want to Activate the new features of Windows Defender: update settings and update protection. Click on ” Activate ” and ” To close “:

WF Windows Defender Windows 10 tutorial

6. Windows Defender software is active. Green color means everything is fine. In orange, nothing serious but it is necessary to apply the advice (update of virus definitions or quick scan of the PC). In red, follow the recommendations to eliminate threats.

WF Windows Defender Windows 10 tutorial

Alternative to open Windows Defender Antivirus

To avoid having to go through the Start menu to open the protection software, you can also use the abacus icon in the Windows 10 taskbar, at the bottom right near the time:

WF Windows Defender Windows 10 tutorial

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