Windows 10 Mobile: enable “glove mode”

Most smartphones (especially Microsoft and Nokia Lumia) that run on Windows Phone 8 can activate the glove mode, that is, increase the sensitivity of the touch screen in order to use it in winter. The new Windows 10 Mobile version does not yet include this function. Voluntary omission or not, we can consider this as a regression of the Microsoft mobile OS.

In the meantime, the operation is possible on the Lumia Windows Phone 8 and some android smartphones.

Activate gloves mode on Windows 10 Mobile smartphone

1. Open the Settings (cogwheel icon).

2. Scroll down to ” Bonuses at the bottom of the list.

smartphone tutorial Windows 10 Mobile bonus settings

3. Press « Touch interaction“.

Windows 10 Mobile smartphone touchscreen tutorial

4. And wait for the function to be available.

Windows 10 Mobile smartphone touchscreen tutorial

We will specify when the function will be available and from which Windows 10 Mobile version update.