Windows 10: manage Start menu shortcuts

The new Windows 10 Start menu takes the list of programs from Windows 7 and adds the tiles / thumbnails that came with Windows 8 and 8.1. To quickly edit, delete, and rename shortcuts in this list of apps and games, Windows 10 doesn’t offer any shortcuts.

With Windows 7, all you had to do was right click on “All Programs” to access an Explorer view of all the shortcuts. Let’s forget Windows 8, which completely messed up the management of shortcuts. As for it, Windows 10 no longer offers a direct link to Explorer but here is the path to the Start menu, seen from Windows 10 File Explorer.

This tutorial explains how add, modify and delete shortcuts in “All Programs” of the Windows 10 Start menu. We cannot manage the shortcuts from the new W10 Start menu but we will add, change and delete them by their location on the computer hard drive.

The Windows 10 Start menu in File Explorer

1. Open a File explorer.

Windows 10 tutorial file explorer icon

2. Show hidden files and unroll Local Disk, ProgramData, Microsoft, Windows, Start Menu, Programs.

Windows 10 tutorial Start menu program shortcut link

or by direct route: C: ProgramData Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs

3. The list of folders and shortcuts can be modified at will:

  • rename a program shortcut
  • add a link to a video game
  • delete a shortcut folder

Windows 10 tutorial Start menu program shortcut link