Windows 10: all touchpad shortcuts

Laptops are all equipped with a “touchpad” under the keyboard part, this square or rectangle that replaces the mouse. If it is not as practical to navigate with your finger as with a field mouse with two buttons, the touch pad is full of shortcut functions to open menus, change applications or scroll through a web page. Here is the list of gestures to perform on his touchpad for optimal use of the laptop and separate from the traditional dad mouse.

It also works on touchscreens (all-in-one All-in-One computers, laptops with touchscreen, etc.), useful for example for zooming and moving on a Google Maps map with simple finger movements on the screen. screen or tablet.

Most of these gestures are also compatible with Windows 7 and 8.1, except for the functions that appeared with Windows 10 (virtual desktops, Cortana virtual assistant, etc.).

List of Quick Gestures on Windows 10 PC Touchpad

Here are all the shortcut movements that can be made on the touchpad of a laptop or a graphics tablet considered as a touchpad.

  • Select an item : press with a finger on the touchpad (equivalent to the traditional left mouse click)
  • Right click : tap with two fingers at the same time on the touchpad
  • Scroll (equivalent to mouse scrolling with the wheel): two fingers on the pad that we drag vertical or horizontal
  • Zoom in or out : spread or close two fingers on the touch surface
  • Show Desktop (equivalent Windows keys + D): do swipe three fingers down pavement
  • Switch between two windows (Alt+Tab): swipe right or left with three fingers on the touch pad
  • Change virtual office : with four fingers, swipe right or left from the area
  • Open Notification Center : tap with four fingers on the touchpad

Configuring the touchpad

The touchpad configuration options, such as pressure or sensitivity, are set in the Settings, Peripheral devices, Touchpad.