Windows 10: activate the black theme (Dark Mode)

To use your laptop in the dark, lying in bed or on the sofa, you can lower the screen brightness but that is not always enough to rest your eyes. To have a Windows different from its neighbor, activating the dark theme of Windows 10 also makes it stand out.

If before, you had to tweak the registry to activate this option, the Anniversary 1607 update provides an option that is easy to set up: a click of the mouse.

Activating “night mode” can also be suitable for visually impaired people who prefer a dark atmosphere rather than a light theme, like the menus of a Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile smartphone.

However, this “dark theme” (as Microsoft calls it) only concerns new Windows 10 applications (Mail, Photos, Calculator, etc.) and not the internet browser, the Office suite and other software. To set up true high contrast and color inversion, see our tutorial to help visually impaired people use a Windows computer.

Windows in clear theme by default

Windows 10 tutorial activate white clear theme

Switch Windows to black theme / night mode

1. Open the start menu and click on the cogwheel of the Settings.

Windows 10 tutorial start menu Settings Control Panel

2. Click on Customization.

Windows 10 tutorial customization settings

3. In the left menu, click on Colors.

4. Go to the bottom of the screen to find ” Choose your application mode “And select” Dark “:

Windows 10 tutorial activate dark black dark mode theme

5. Immediately Windows goes black, at least the settings and other new programs.