Why doesn’t MercadoLibre recognize my Rut and how to fix it?

If you wish start a business and promote your products In order for customers to rate you as one of the best in MercadoLibre, it is important that you register your company. If you want to comply with it, the platform will request certain requirements such as the Rut or the payment methods you prefer. All this either by credit card, Visa or other modalities.

However, some users report certain problems at the identity verification stage of their respective companies. If this happens to you and the window that throws an error does not let you enter the Rut, it will be essential that you do something about it. Thus, in the following article we will tell you everything you must do so that Mercado Libre recognizes this element and there are no problems when billing your sales.

Why does Mercado Libre ask me to verify my identity with the RUT?

We know that if you are a member of a bank or a platform that is characterized by the billing methods in its services, security will be essential. This is why the developers of MercadoLibre need to validate your identity so that there are no scams or hacks when entering the account.

verify identity in free market purchases

If your data and Rut are protected, it will be more complex for computer attackers to access your personal information and to the record you have within the buying and selling platform. Thanks to its highest security standards, you won’t have to worry and each bill will be backed up.

It should be noted that it is common for Mercado Libre to request this type of documentation that demonstrate the reliability of your company. Otherwise, you would not be able to continue selling because the financial regulations are clear and the platform must guarantee its users the best possible shopping experience.

How can I enter my RUT in Mercado Libre?

To comply with this, the first thing you have to do is enter your Mercado Libre website and create an account. Yes indeed, you must make sure to register as a company so that you can attach the Rut and other additional data, be it the company name, the NIT or the ID that identifies you as its owner. Then, it remains for you to generate a secure key and click Register.

enter the rut from the mobile or the pc in free market

As for the way of upload the Rut in Mercado Libre, it is important that the document is legible and in PDF, PNG or JPEG format. If there are multiple files, you will need to collect them in Word and then change its mode to one that the platform accepts. It is valid to upload several certificates but depending on the type of company some will be essential.

In the event that you already have an individual account in Mercado Libre, there is no problem because it is possible request a change of owner so that it becomes exclusively your company. Once you do it through the settings panel, all you have to do is add the Rut and other documents so you can start managing your sales from your PC or mobile device.

What causes MercadoLibre not to accept my RUT and how to solve it?

If something is very true, it is that several users of Mercado Libre assure that there are continuous failures when providing the Rut. Since these types of reports are so constant, in the next section we will tell you the possible causes and the most practical methods to solve it. So, pay close attention and start implementing the tips we provide here to track your sales.

rut problems when entering the free market from the pc

The RUT number is incorrect

If, when registering as a company in Mercado Libre, a box appears on the screen that says that your Ruth does not exist or is false. This is because you are entering it wrong. To do this, it is best that you upload the documentation digitally or that you make sure that each digit is written correctly. Remember that the single tax registry is essential when managing your own business where money is involved.

And in Mercado Libre, transactions are relevant to the maintain the good reputation of the website. Therefore, you must insert the Rut with great detail in order to prevent its return. In the event that you continue to have problems, we recommend that you contact the customer service provided by the platform directly.

The Mercado Libre page is saturated

On the other hand, it is normal that thousands of users are trying to create a new account private or business to publicize their services. That is why the platform could present saturation failures. These are responsible for the box that communicates the error to appear and tells you that the Rut does not exist.

In this circumstance, we advise you to wait a couple of minutes and refresh the page recursively until you get the results What are you waiting for. Otherwise, you will have to try a different time when people do not usually enter the platform.