Why can’t I sign in to the Xbox Series console? – Solution

It is clear that the Xbox Series console is the best option to have fun and spend the best moments with people we love. However, when accessing our device it may happen that this don’t turn on or that it shows us error messages which makes us a little nervous and we do not know how to solve it.

For this reason, many users wonder why unable to login on the console? Next, we will be mentioning you all the information you should know about this problem.

What are the main errors when logging into your Xbox Series console?

By having this console we can do a number of actions, which not only helps us to play, but we can also download Netflix and many other functions. Therefore, when you turn it on and realize that you do not log in, it creates a lot of uncertainty. However, this can be caused by a wide variety of bugs where the best known are that there is no connection to the internet, it is not stable or outdated presented in the software.

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Also, that the services have different problems to achieve their connection and the wrong plugging of the cables to the network. On the other hand, different notices can be presented with codes that indicate us the exact fault what is happening. In this way, we must be very aware of any code that is observed in order to solve the faults.

How to fix the ‘80048821’ error on your Xbox console?

In our console we can see a great variety of codes that appear in different situations such as the 0x87e10bca error which appears when opening a game. In the same way, an error may appear when turning on our device where a message will be shown to us.

For its part, it mentions ‘Sorry, your password or email does not have a subscription’ and at the bottom you will see the code 80048821. Specifically, this shows that a problem with the account from Microsoft and is produced by the following causes.

Your Xbox live profile is corrupted

This occurs because game profiles are saved differently within the system, causing them to become corrupted from the system cache at the same time. For its part, this is more common when save profiles on USB flash drives.

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Where to check if your profile has been damaged you will have to delete it and then re-download it. So, one of the ways to solve this error is by restarting the console where you only have to turn it off and turn it on again later.

Problems with the security of your account

On the other hand, one of the most common reasons for this error is that you added an incorrect password to your Microsoft account, where on your computer you changed the password, but not on Xbox yet. So, it is necessary that enter the password correctly or download your profile again to correct the error.

In the same way, it can be caused if your Microsoft account has not yet been verified and you logged in with it, causing an error to be generated in the console. It is worth mentioning that if the error is due to this cause it is necessary that you enter your email and you will have to follow the verification instructions. In the same way, if you wish, you can restore your console to the factory settings to return to insert the data correctly.

How to log in to Xbox Series console if you can’t remember your password?

To correctly resolve the error, you simply have to enter the section to recover Microsoft account, where you will have to add your email. Then, you must indicate how you want the code to reach you, either by email or by message to your cell phone. Later, when you finally receive the code, you will be prompted to add a new password and to repeat it twice.

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It is recommended that the password be up to nine characters long and have different letters that vary between lowercase and uppercase for better security. It is worth mentioning that you must remember this password where it is best to save it so that don’t happen again this inconvenience.

How to update the security information of your Xbox Series?

If you have already solved the problem with the password, but you still get the error when you log in, you need to update the information. Specifically, the most common thing that is done is to add a different email address or a new cell phone number and to do this you will only have to log in to your Microsoft account. Subsequently, enter the security options and execute the procedure that is indicated, when updating the information, the session begins and download the content again.