Why are TikTok videos not loading and how to fix it?

In recent months, TikTok has been showing some bugs in its system. Some examples of this could be videos not loading properly, repeating videos you’ve already watched, or getting stuck on your screen. Therefore, if you are presenting these errors in your account, we want to teach you how to solve them below, so that you can enjoy watch videos within TikTok.

How to make videos on TikTok play?

Like any internet application, they can sometimes present a series of failures from time to time, in in most cases it is usually due to a system error of the platform so it is rarely an isolated problem, although if this happens to you it is good that you can identify if it is just you or other users are also going through the same thing, since that way you can see what you can do to solve the problem and we are just going to present several solutions that you can use.

Check network connection

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Sometimes we may be presented with videos don’t load properly within TikTok or take too long to do so and that this is not recurring in your account. That is why it is good that the first step you take is to verify that the network connection you are using is, since the Internet may be very slow and heavy, so you cannot see videos well.

You can see the speed of your internet by entering the network setting from your device, enter another application and try to load a video, you can also search through the browser where if you do not have a network connection it will come out automatically or if you are together with another person who has the same connection ask if they are opening pages and loading the applications.

Clear app cache

If it keeps happening to you when using TikTok The videos do not reproduce as second solution you can proceed to delete the cache, which is usually non-relevant information that is stored so that the application starts to work better. If you do not know how to do it, do not worry, because we will teach you next.

  • You should enter the settings application on mobile device.
  • When you have opened the settings, you should look among all the options for the one that says ‘Applications and notifications’ where you will open it.
  • Then proceed to click on ‘View applications’.
  • You should see all the apps that you have available on your phone where you must enter the ‘TikTok’.

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  • When you enter the application, press the button that says ‘Storage and cache’.
  • Then click ‘Clear Cache’ so that all these ‘Junk’ files about TikTok can be deleted.
  • Lastly, proceed to remove storage space of your device and confirm by clicking ‘Accept’.

Delete and reinstall app

As a third method to be able to solve this error where the videos of the TikTok application are not played, is that you can remove the app by dragging the app to the top of the screen where you will get a question such as Uninstall TikTok?, and two options that will say ‘Delete and cancel’ in which you must in this case select the delete option.

Once you have done this, you will not be left without this fun app, because you will proceed to reinstall it. For this you must carry out the procedure as if you were going to download it for the first time by searching for the application in the store that your device uses, such as the App Store or the Play Store through the search engine, where when you find TikTok again you will enter this section and press the ‘Install’ button wait for the time while it downloads and then you can log in normally using your email and password, if you forgot the latter don’t worry because you can perform the password restoration procedure that the app has.

rebooting cell phone

Another method that you can employ when you present these errors within the playback TikTok is to proceed to hard reset phonethis will completely affect the device, but do not worry because it is not dangerous if it is not a function that any mobile already has.

To do it you just have to hold down the power button for about 30 seconds in a row, by doing so you will get a notification asking you to confirm if you want to restart the phone, which you must confirm. Your device will then turn off for a few seconds and immediately turn back on as it normally would.

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How to make the videos upload to Tik Tok?

Whether the for you videos that you usually consume within TikTok is played may depend on several factors, but one of which you can check within the app are your settings defaults to load videos well.

From settings

  • Enter the TikTok settings through the profile by clicking on the three horizontal lines that are located in the upper left corner.
  • Then proceed to check within the app that all the settings are arranged correctly.
  • In addition to that you can free up space from within the app to make the application work better.

Check data savings

You can also proceed to review and configure how mobile data is working, Since these may be set to not play any videos for them to be saved, you can modify the settings as follows:

  • Enter the application of ‘Settings’ of your device.
  • Then head over to ‘Applications’ and open ‘TikTok’.
  • Then you must open where it says ‘Data Usage’ where you must activate the use of these.

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