What to do if the Nintendo Switch controller does not recognize Joycon and how to configure it?

The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and interesting video game consoles that we have seen in recent times and part of that appeal is due to the ability to share games with friends, but this time we do not intend to talk to you about the benefits and advantages of this console but one of the most frequent problems that it usually presents, it is the fault that occurs when we try to connect the controls to the Nintendo Switch So we will focus on explaining what to do when the controller does not recognize the Joycons.

Why doesn’t the Switch detect Joycon when it’s paired?

The first thing to remember is that we will always have some kind of problem when it comes to electronic devices, it is something that we will have to suffer at all times, these problems may be related to software or hardware failures, on other occasions the failures are due to the device data transfer technology in question as most devices are wireless, some signals tend to get confused.

nintendo switch oled white color console

In the case of the Joycon of the Nintendo Switch in which by the way we can download games, the problem is due to a factory fault that has been corrected in some models, the truth is that it is possible that these do not work well or simply do not do anything at all.

This as a consequence of Bluetooth technology since many devices are connected in this way so that the controls can lose connection, may respond intermittently preventing us from playing fluently or they can even make the avatars move by themselves.

What is the correct procedure for matching controls?

To properly match the controls we must perform a lace synchronization so we will have to fit the Joycon controls inside the Nintendo Switch console in which we can also connect headphones.

Another way to pair or synchronize the controls is to place ourselves in the ‘Home’ menu and select the option ‘Controls’, then we must press where it says ‘Change Clamping or Order Mode’ and during the time it takes to change the screen, press and hold the ‘SYNC’ button on the control that we want to pair.

nintendo switch console in red and blue

As soon as the user indicator corresponding to the control in question is synchronized, they will be on, the following will be confirm the way the Joycon will be held, at this point it is important to consider that when performing the button synchronization, the console will not understand if the Joycon will be held in two-control mode or if they will be held horizontally individually, to confirm the way we will use them, we must press L / R.

Why is your controller not detected or does not finish syncing?

One of the most common reasons why the control is not detected or does not finish synchronizing, is because we may not have the latest software version so it is best to update it, it is also possible that the controls are not fully charged.

This can interrupt the synchronization, another possibility that can also affect the synchronization is that the console is under some metal objects, so it is best to check that these conditions are not present, if the problem still persists, it is best to take the controls to a technician.

nintendo switch control in black

Where can you get Nintendo support to fix it?

Currently the Japanese company Nintendo has a website where they provide excellent customer service, providing help in relation to Nintendo consoles, games and services, they provide solutions to problems that may arise and even procedures so that we can make the pertinent repairs among many other topics of interest that can be of help to us, especially when we have a failure in our video game console.

How can you restart the controller if the connection doesn’t work?

The way in which we can restart the Nintendo Switch controller is quite simple, just press the SYNC button once and we will immediately press any button on the control so that it turns on again, the next thing is to perform a test to make sure that the controls respond, if they obey, we will have solved the problem and we can enjoy our console without major setback.