What processor do I have in my Windows 11 or 10 PC?

If you want to know which processor (“CPU”) is in your computer, you can easily find it in Windows. Windows bids u meerdeer manieren om de processor information weer te geven.

The processor, also known as the CPU, delivers the instructions and the processing power that the computer needs to do its work. The more powerful a modern processor is, the faster the computer can perform its tasks. By creating a more powerful processor, you can help your computer think faster and work faster.

Not only when re-installing a CPU is it useful to know which brand and model it is. Also, when solving hardware problems or when replacing other hardware, the brand and model of the CPU is relevant.

What processor do I have in my Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC?

Display processor information via device specifications

Windows offers a simple overview of the most relevant computer information. This is the overview of device specifications.

To open the device specifications, click on the Start button with the right mouse button. In the menu click on Settings. On the link side in the settings, you first clicked on System and then at the bottom on “Info”.

Then click on “Apparaatspecificaties” to see the information about your PC again. Here you see “Processor” with the information about the processor in your computer.

Processor information via System information in Windows

Display processor information via taakbeheer

Thank you is a tool to manage the Windows process. You can also search for computer specifications such as the CPU. Your overview offers more extensive information about the CPU in your computer.

Zo ziet u in taakbeheer the current speed of the CPU, the CPU speed, the process, the number of sockets and more.

Press the CTRL + ALT + DEL key combination. Then click on “taakbeheer”. In taakbeheer click on “meer details” and then on tab “Prestaties”. On the left side, click on “Processor” to see the CPU information.

CPU information via task management

Display processor information via System information

Systeeminformatie is an extensive app in Windows 10 or Windows 11 that provides insight into all kinds of information about your computer system. Also the processor information. Eigenlijk alles wat u aan hardware wilt weten about uw PC kunt u via de systeminformatie app.

Click with the right mouse button on the Start button. In the menu click on execute. In the window type: msinfo32.exe.

On the left side, first click on “System overview” and then you see on the right side an item “Processor” with the brand and model, clock speed and van de processor.

Processor information via system information

No access to Windows yet processor information

Als u geen toegang heeft tot uw Windows computer. For example by a faulty installation of a forgot password. Dan kunt u noge steeds informatie over uw computer hardware inzien via de BIOS.

Hiervoor moet u access to the BIOS, dit doet u door de computer te start en direct op de F2, DEL, F1, F10 te drukken een othere functionetoets te drukken te de BIOS op te start. In the BIOS you usually see a “system information” or “systeem informatie”, “main” screen with CPU/processor specifications in it.

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