What is Waze and how to use it in the car without internet for Android or iPhone

One of the most innovative and successful GPS platforms offered by Google and Apple today is Waze. For a Wazers it is necessary to know what it is and how you can use it in your car without the need for internet, either for Android or iPhone. That way you will be able to give the full utility to said platform.

With the waze platform you can enjoy real-time traffic updates. Having full knowledge of all the routes that you need to travel as well as those frequent routes that are programmed for a passenger DIDI trip.

And it is so good that you can use Waze to avoid traffic and if you have previously stored routes you can view them without having to be connected to the internet. The ability of the platform to work offline is a very important feature.

You also have the possibility to link all your navigation maps and choose all the most feasible routes to quickly reach your destination. So there is no limitation for you to fully enjoy the benefits of this extraordinary application; The Waze mobile app is available for free for Android and iPhone systems.

And you have the possibility to make use of it from anywhere in the world where you are.

waze application on mobile

With Waze service too you can make the accident report, control speeds, view various points of interest on each of your routes, and evade the obstacles that may arise in traffic.

Other Waze features in your car without the need for internet

With the Waze platform you will have the possibility to enjoy many features or benefits such as give turn-by-turn directions while driving by voice. You will also have the names of spoken streets and the details about the traffic where you travel will be in real time.

One of the important factors is that you can have updated gasoline prices. The Waze system will also inform you of the speed cameras that are on your route as well as the tolls that are on it. You can always count on regular updates on your maps and automatically.

The searches you do in the system about addresses, points of interest or others, you can have it at your disposal and quickly.

person using waze

You can also work in parallel with other applications that allow you to enter other destinations in the system. Something super useful is the possibility of linking with some social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

The handling of a multilanguage is fabulous within the platform, and also its link with innovative systems such as Spotify, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, Audiobooks.com among others. And another possibility is to use Waze Advertize to place a kind of advertisement for your business.

How to use Waze without internet for Android or iPhone?

The Waze App is available for Android or iPhone systems for free, simple are the steps to follow to enjoy your App without internet. Download it in your App Store or your Play Store.

Download and install, and after having it on your device, press its icon and thus begin to enjoy all its benefits. For example, saving the routes most used by you in your favorites list, and precisely being able to use Waze on your Android or iPhone devices without having an internet connection.

To do this, enter your app, and press the magnifying glass at the bottom, then enter the route you prefer or need, indicating the destination to continue.

After that, press the star that represents favorites, and this way the route will be saved. Having placed a name to it in the drop-down window that will appear. Select go now and set it to your GPS as long as the GPS is active.

That way the routes you use the most can be stored and used without the need for you to be connected to the internet. It is something very practical depending on the urgency you have and the area where you are, that surely the internet connection is slow or impossible.

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