What do you need to know about a VPN?

Today the internet occupies a prominent place in the daily habits of many people. However, its use is not without danger for Internet users. Indeed, the latter may suffer from pirate attacks or certain restrictions in relation to the country of residence. To get around these risks, there are a number of possible ways, the most popular of which is VPN. What is that ? How does a VPN work? What are the advantages of using a VPN? So many questions that we answer to let you know a little more about the subject.

VPN: what is it and what is it for?

VPN is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. It designates software intended to guarantee its user a more secure connection. Indeed, by using a VPN, your data only passes between your computer and the software server. As a result, your data is invisible to third parties because it is encrypted.

Thus, it allows you to benefit from protection of your data and your personal information. Your connection is then well protected, and you can be safe from hacker attacks or restrictions in your country of residence.

How does a VPN work?

Le VPN is software that you can use on a computer, smartphone or tablet. For optimal use, this software sometimes requires compatibility with operating systems.

First and foremost, using a VPN involves subscribing to the services of a VPN provider. The latter is a service provider that has several networks of servers in different places in the world. Typically, a VPN worthy of the name can make up to 94 or even more servers available to its users. So, by connecting to the VPN, you first choose one of the available servers. Your data then passes through an encrypted and very secure tunnel before landing at your internet provider and at the site you are visiting. This allows you to browse anonymously by concealing your IP address and your real location from third parties.

In practice, you first choose a country of your choice. The VPN then sends your encrypted data to a server in the chosen country. It is then from this server that your data is sent to the requested site so that you can browse with complete peace of mind.

The site you are visiting then ignores your initial IP address. Also, your internet service provider is unable to locate you or detect the sites you visit. This lasts the entire time of your browsing as long as the VPN is activated.

What are the benefits of using a VPN?

The use of the VPN is today a very widespread practice in France and in the world. Several reasons justify this enthusiasm of Internet users towards this software.

First, the VPN guarantees you protection against DDoS. A DDos is a hacker-directed attack that prevents you from accessing the internet normally. A serious VPN has a protection system against such attacks. Also, the VPN gives you the ability to download or watch streaming videos safely.

Thanks to a VPN, you have the possibility to change your IP address, which allows you to bypass any form of geo-restrictions. You will then be able to play games before their release in your country of residence, access prohibited sites in your country and many others. This tool also allows you to benefit from anonymous browsing and protects you from hackers’ intrusions.

On the web, you will find several VPN providers. Some offer paid services and some offer free services. However, which one is better to use? The comparison of free VPN and paid VPN can be done on several levels. Generally speaking, paid VPNs offer more comprehensive services. They generally have a larger number of servers and offer a higher level of security. Conversely, free VPNs are sometimes of dubious origin and guarantee a very low level of security. The comparison of the free VPN with the paid one thus makes it possible to realize that it is preferable to choose the paid option. You will then be able to benefit from a safe and secure connection provided you choose a serious VPN provider.

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